Ukrainian president says it is “time to come out of the shadows” and “make strong decisions”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (Servant of the People, center) said on Tuesday (July 9, 2024) that he does not know what former US President Donald Trump (Republican Party) will do if he wins the November elections and returns to lead the country. The Republican has repeatedly criticized the extension of US aid provided to Kiev. The Ukrainian asked US political leaders not to wait until the election to approve new aid.

Everyone is waiting for November. The Americans are waiting for November, Europe, the Middle East, the Pacific, the whole world is looking for November, and truthfully speaking, Putin is also waiting for November.”, Zelensky said, quoted by the news agency Reuters. “It’s time to come out of the shadows, to make strong decisions, to take action and not wait for November or any other month.”, he added.

The financial support provided by the US since the beginning of the war already amounts to more than €20 billion. The Ukrainian president is one of those most interested in the outcome of the US elections. While the current US leader, Joe Biden (Democratic Party), has declared unconditional support for the Ukrainians, Trump has said that, if he wins, the supply of US equipment will be conditional on a peace agreement with Russia.

On Tuesday (9 July), Zelensky said that “do’nt know” Trump “very good”. He claimed to have had “good meetings” with the Republican when he occupied the White House, but stressed that the meetings took place before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Asked about Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s views on Biden and Trump, Zelensky said the two “are very different, but they support democracy”. The Ukrainian President declared: “This is why I think Putin will hate both of them.”.

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