Former US president steps up attacks on vice president as speculation mounts over Democratic nomination change

Former US President Donald Trump stepped up his attacks on Vice President Kamala Harris during a rally at his golf club near Miami (USA) on Tuesday (9.Jul.2024). The Republican said that President Joe Biden’s (Democratic Party) choice of Harris served as a “insurance policy”.

“It was a brilliant choice because it worked like an insurance policy. The best insurance policy I have ever seen in my life.”disse Trump. “If Joe had chosen someone even halfway competent, they would have kicked him out of the White House years ago, but they can’t because the 2nd option is Kamala”he stated.

The former president has taken a direct swipe at Harris, holding her accountable for Biden’s policies that he has frequently criticized, such as his handling of the border with Mexico. The new focus of attacks comes amid growing speculation that the president may drop out of the Democratic race after the backlash from the first presidential debate against the Republican on June 27.

“As vice president, Kamala Harris had only two jobs: securing the US border, but she never went there, and the situation at the border is the worst in history”he stated. “In addition, she was sent to Europe to prevent Russia from attacking Ukraine. And what came of that? Nothing good.” [risos]these.

Trump said that, “despite all the Democratic panic this week”no matter who the party nominates as a candidate, “this November will be amazing” e “it will be the most important election in the history of our country”.

The Republican also accused Democrats of involvement in the “biggest cover-up in political history”referring to the 81-year-old Biden’s cognitive abilities.

“The biggest problem for the radical left Democrats is that their candidates are, if you stop and think about it, mentally deficient. And I say that because the other term would be too harsh.”Trump said.


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