South Korean president says North Korea threatens world peace by engaging in “illegal arms trade with Russia”

South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol (People’s Power Party, conservative) said on Tuesday (July 9, 2024) that the arms trade between North Korea and Russia is a threat to global peace. The information is from Reuters.

North Korea threatens peace not only on the Korean peninsula but also globally by engaging in illegal arms trade with Russia.”Yoon said when speaking to U.S. military leaders and troops.

Yoon declared that alliances among liberal democracies are essential to safeguard the freedom of what he called “reckless elements”.

The South Korean president declared: “To protect our freedom, democracy and economic prosperity from these reckless elements, solidarity among countries that share values, as well as strength, is essential.”.

The leaders of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and North Korea, Kim Jong-un, have been growing closer in recent months. In June, Putin visited Pyongyang. The trip marked the first time in 24 years that a Russian leader had visited North Korea. The Russian president signed an agreement with Kim Jong-un that includes mutual protection in the event of an attack on either country.

At the time, Putin stated in a speech that the agreement is “revolutionary” and said he doesn’t rule out a “military-technical cooperation” with North Korea.

The Russian said his country is fighting against “hegemonic and imperialist policy” of the United States and its allies. “Russia and Korea [do Norte] have an independent foreign policy and do not accept blackmail from the West”, Putin told reporters.

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