Our team is made up of great journalists and writers, who have critical minds.
We bring relevant news from around the world, so you can stay informed about the main events.

General director

Caion Alves

General director and editor for 16 years, I work with what I love: News from the world, providing a critical view on all political issues.
I play a role in encouraging questioning in readers.

Journalists and editors

Clara Pinheiro

Writer and graphic designer, graduated from Anhanguera College in Brazil.
I love traveling and visiting Eastern European and African countries.
For me, writing is touching people’s imaginations, and making them absorb the message behind the articles.

Martin Soares

Journalist for 12 years, also graduated in marketing.
My worldview is positive, I try to criticize injustices through journalism and make people evolve in their regrets.

Romano Pontes

I am a writer and I work with the aim of informing our readers in an objective and clear way.
I used to own a research agency, today my hobby is studying history.