Legislation and understanding of concepts are different for each sovereign nation; read the chronicle of Voltaire de Souza

Judgments. Sentences. Decisions.

O STF don’t rest.

A new controversy arises.

Our ministers want Elon Musk follow the provisions of the law.

The mega-billionaire thinks they are on the moon.

And to get there they didn’t even need a rocket.

João Eulálio was a young liberal.

This type of attitude from the STF…

He took another sip of tea.

It only serves to scare away investors.

On the computer screen, numbers and data seemed to flash quickly.

Then, fight against fake news…

The boy shook his head.

Now will the State be the one to decide what is true and what is not?

The issue has serious political implications.

Sociological. Metaphysics. Morais.

In addition to a solid economic background, João Eulálio benefited from many philosophical readings.

These STF ministers are very ignorant. Now this one.

The question of truth has occupied human brains since ancient Greece.

Maid Marialva approached discreetly.

João Eulálio… sorry to bother you, but…


Last month’s salary.


It didn’t count.

João Eulálio’s chin sported a charming new beard.

Hmm. Who said?

Marialva couldn’t quite understand.

-Huh. I.

–But who told you?

–Who told me what?

–That the payment did not go down.

–Huh… I saw it there at the bank.

–Do you have proof of that?

-Proof of that? Like this?

–How can you tell if you fell or didn’t fall?


João Eulálio got up from the swivel chair.

There is no certainty about that.

–But, João Eulálio…

–For you, it didn’t fall. For me, it fell.

Marialva’s mental confusion expressed itself in a trembling of her lips.

But… it didn’t fall.

João Eulálio was losing his patience.

Stupidity. Lack of philosophical culture.

–João Eulálio…

-Do not disturb me.


–This thing about falling, not falling… is very subjective.

He turned his back.

The subject’s cognitive interest determines the factual contour of each perception.


Marialva’s nephew was called Plácido and was a law student.

I’ll ask him to speak to you, João Eulálio.

-Oh there. Are you going to threaten me with a lawsuit? AND?

Tears welled up in the maid’s prematurely aged eyes.

That’s not it, João Eulálio… it’s just…

–Now a judge will decide what happened and what didn’t happen?


-Look. You can go home today. You do what you want.

–Sorry for anything, João Eulálio.

–It’s the problem of this poor class. Always asking for help from the State.

The rain began to furiously sweep the streets of Alto de Pinheiros.

Rain? What a rain? There is no cloud in the sky. Idiot.

The truth is sometimes like sunlight.

When you least expect it, an eclipse arrives.

With an aggravating factor.

What happens in the United States doesn’t always happen here.

Anyone who wants to see the phenomenon should take a plane.

Source: https://www.poder360.com.br/opiniao/o-sol-nao-brilha-para-todos/

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