Most of the secrets have already been revealed, but we lack the cleverness to understand them, writes Paula Schmitt

News that is mandatory for every human being who inhabits this planet is once again being drowned out by the noise of distractions. The news is about the formalization of a suspicion that during the pandemic was relegated to banned accounts on X (formerly Twitter), and thrown in the trash can by ignorant and hysterical journalists like “denialism”, “conspiracy theory” e “anti-vaxxer thing”. On May 1, the US Senate will hear the testimony of Peter Daszak, suspected of having participated in a genetic engineering process that created SarsCov-2.

As would say Olavo de Carvalho, many of the biggest secrets have already been revealed, but they are protected by human stupidity. And we have a perfect example of how this stupidity is constructed. Daszak was introduced to Brazilians in May 2021 on the program Fantastic.

But understand: while I and a few other journalists in the world were telling the truth about how Daszak worked to create chimeric viruses with specific virulence and capabilities against human cells, the Fantastic and Globo TV did the opposite. Interviewed by Sônia Bridi, Daszak came to inform Brazilians that one of the major causes of pandemics is fires in the Amazon.

With a certain sadness, I recommend reading this 2021 article of mine, because it is still new to most people affected by the pandemic. And in this article here, from 2020, I tell how the genetic production of a deadly virus was being financed by the North American taxpayer, while it was developed by agencies responsible for wars and territorial control.

According to the US Senate, Daszak lied or omitted crucial information when he asked for money to produce new viruses through gain-of-function experiments. Gain-of-function is a euphemism used for the transformation of pathogens into biological weapons, under the excuse that, by anticipating the evolution of a manipulated virus, it becomes easier to protect against it. In other words, a virus is produced artificially in case it arises naturally.

From a safety perspective, this is equivalent to shooting someone to see how the dressing should be done. But from a scientific point of view, gain-of-function experiments are even more absurd, because they start from the bizarre assumption that man, by connecting totally disconnected, distant and sometimes incompatible pieces of viruses and pathogens, would be simulating nature. and anticipating it.

This idea is so absurd and dangerous that Barack Obama’s government suspended publicly funded gain-of-function experiments. But the tax payer paid for them anyway with the triangulation of an NGO, EcoHealth Alliance, and a laboratory in foreign territory, in Wuhan, China.

According to the official statement from the Senate:

“Dr. Daszak told the committees [do governo] that EcoHealth intended to conduct dangerous gain-of-function coronavirus research in bats at the University of North Carolina if its project – known as Defuse – was approved by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa). A recent set of information released through the access to information law [Freedom of Information Act, similar à LAI no Brasil] directly contradicts this statement and suggests that EcoHealth intended to deceive Darpa and conduct the risky experiment at WIV [Instituto de Virologia de Wuhan]”.

As shown by emails acquired by the USRTK group (US Right to Know), an NGO dedicated to “pursuing truth and transparency in public health”, Peter Daszak and Ralph Baric knew what they were doing. Here, on the X profile of Gary Ruskin, executive director of USRTK, it is possible to see the exchange of some of the incriminating emails. Ralph Baric, one of the scientists producing “chimeric” viruses with Peter Daszak, has been a name known to my readers since 2020.

In the article “Intervention in Nature Has Its Price” I talk about a study led by Baric, a partner of Anthony Fauci and Daszak, who created a chimeric virus engineered to be more lethal in humans. The explanation of the experiment is scary enough, but only for those who are smart enough to be scared. Reinforcing what Olavo said, the secret was known, but there was a lack of cleverness to understand it:

Here, we examine the disease potential of a virus like Sars, which is currently circulating in Chinese bat populations. Using the Sars-CoV gene reversal system, we generated and characterized a chimeric virus […] which will use the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE2)” (the human receptors penetrated by covid-19).


“To examine the emergence potential (i.e., the potential to infect humans) of CoVs in bats, we constructed a chimeric virus encoding a novel zoonotic spike protein [spike protein é a proteína usada pelo vírus para penetrar em hospedeiros]”.

There I tell you something else that, revealed in the open, went unnoticed by practically all Brazilian journalists:

“An interesting fact in this story is that Nature magazine initially omitted – and later revealed – the name of one of the study’s funders: USAID, the North American agency that serves, among other things, as a front for clandestine CIA operations.”


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