Region suffers from lack of supply and high prices; The proposal is to allow domestic flights made by foreign companies

The Minister of Tourism, Celso Sabino, announced a project to increase the fleet of commercial planes in Brazil’s Legal Amazon. The region suffers from a lack of aircraft leaving or arriving at its airports, which makes air tickets more expensive than average. Therefore, the minister is developing a project to bring civil aviation companies from outside the country to the region.

The initial idea is that the draft trade agreements are closed with Mercosur countries (Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay). The statement was made this Tuesday (April 23), during a session of Regional Development and Tourism Commission of the Senate.

The project is called Open Sky, a principle of diplomacy that allows planes to come and go between countries. “We embrace reciprocity, so we make civil aviation agreements with countries that allow our planes to fly there, and theirs to fly here,” he explained.

In other words: if a foreign airline wants to start domestic commercial operations in Brazil, the country of origin will have to accept the activity of Brazilian companies in its territory. With this, airlines could operate sections of air routes in Brazil and increase the supply of flights in the Legal Amazon.

According to Sabino, the project is in a final moment of adjustments. “We have already obtained the favorable opinion of all ministries. The main bottleneck was Itamaraty, but it will soon be ready with the necessary adjustments to be evaluated by Congress”he stated.

“The proposal will increase competition and bring prices down, in addition to increasing the service provided”stated the president of the session, senator Marcelo Castro (MDB-PI).


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