Participants in the act and authorities clashed after the university authorized action to liberate the campus

At least 150 pro-Palestine protesters were arrested by the New York police on Monday night (April 22, 2024) in an event held at NYU (New York University). The arrests were carried out after the North American institution authorized police action. The information is from NBC News.

In a publication on X (formerly Twitter) this Tuesday (April 23), the deputy commissioner of the New York Police, Kaz Daughtry, stated that the authorities received a letter from NYU, in which the institution requested Gould’s release Plaza, in front of the business school, because individuals were “interfering with security”.

“Unfortunately, when they were dispersing the crowd, some chose violence and attacked the police with bottles and chairs. The professionalism and composure that our officers demonstrated in clearing the square, despite the dangerous acts of aggression they encountered, is to be commended.”afirmou Daughtry.

Videos posted on social media show that protesters and police clashed.

Watch (4min30s):

In a statement, NYU spokesman John Beckman stated that the demonstration in front of the business school that began on Monday morning (April 22) was held “without prior notice to the university and without authorization”.

“The University closed access to the square, placed barriers and made it clear that we would not allow additional protesters to join because the protests were already significantly disrupting classes and other operations at schools surrounding the square.”these.

According to the text, there was an escalation of tension in the early afternoon when “additional protesters, many of whom we believe were not affiliated with NYU, suddenly broke through the barriers that had been placed on the north side of the square and joined the others” who were already on site.

“This event radically changed the situation. We witnessed disorderly, disruptive and antagonistic behavior that interfered with the safety of our community and demonstrated how quickly a demonstration can get out of control or people can get hurt.”said Beckman.


In addition to NYU, Yale and Columbia universities have also registered demonstrations in favor of Palestine and against the war in the Gaza Strip since last week. At Yale, at least 60 people were arrested. In Columbia, there were at least 100.

The act at Columbia University, in New York, was accused of anti-Semitism. However, the group organizing the protest said the attacks against Jews were carried out by “inflamed individuals” that do not represent them.


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