Report published by the North American magazine says that performance aroused concern in the Democratic Party

In a report published on Friday (June 28, 2024), the magazine Time highlighted the poor performance of US President Joe Biden in the presidential debate on Thursday (June 27, 2024). On the cover, a Democrat appears leaving the image with the word “Panic” written next to it.

With the title “Inside Biden’s Debate Disaster and the Scramble to Quell Democratic Panic” (Inside the disaster of Biden’s debate and the fight to suppress democratic panic, in Portuguese), the editorial shows that the Democrat’s performance caused concern among campaign allies. read here (for subscribers).

Reproduction/Time – 29.jun.2024

“Biden looked every bit the 81-year-old grandfather he is, stuttering in a high-pitched voice through unintelligible arguments and often staring blankly, mouth agape, as Trump launched one verbal attack after another.”says an excerpt from the report.

“Anyone who watched the debate in the United States could see for themselves how Biden has aged. […] Biden’s path to victory suddenly seemed to be turning into a dead end before Democrats’ eyes. That left the party asking two questions: Was there any way to take him out of the race? And if not, was there any chance of crossing the finish line with a deeply flawed candidate?says another part of the text.

O Time was not the first vehicle to consider the president’s performance as a “disaster”. O Wall Street Journal he wrote that Biden introduced himself “as the Democrats feared” and that your “age problem” overshadowed the debate. O New York Times stated that the Democrat should withdraw from the candidacy.

O Politico he wrote what “Democrats are in a panic”. In the same vein, the New York Post cuff an editorial titled “We just witnessed the end of Joe Biden’s presidency”.


During his clash with Donald Trump, the Democrat’s advanced age seemed to have an impact on him. At several points, Biden appeared to be rambling. He also had an apparent irritation in his throat that caused him to cough and clear his throat several times.

At other times, he got stuck and couldn’t finish his thoughts, like when he was dealing with Medicare and immigration.

Watch moments when the Democrat freezes during the debate:


A wing of the Democratic Party agrees that Biden should be replaced in the 2024 elections. In an interview with CNNDavid Axelrod, one of the party’s most respected strategists, stated that there will be “discussions” in the acronym whether he should continue as the Democratic candidate against Trump.

“There is a sense of shock at how he came out at the start of this debate, how his voice sounded. He seemed a little disoriented.”declared Axelrod, who was a direct advisor to Barack Obama.

Former White House communications director in the Biden administration, Kate Bedingfield, also criticized the president’s performance in the debate, telling CNN that he failed to address concerns voters have about his age.

“His biggest problem is he had to prove to the American people that he has the energy and the stamina, and he didn’t do that,” Bedingfield said. The former communications director called Biden’s appearance “disappointing.”and added that it was a concern for the party.

However, the candidate signaled that he is not likely to give up his candidacy. At a campaign event in North Carolina, Biden said he knows “how to do this job”. He acknowledged that he is not a young man, but stated that he knows how “tell the truth”.

“I don’t walk as easy as I used to, I talk not as smooth as I used to, I don’t debate as well as I used to, but I know how to tell the truth. I know what is right and what is wrong. I know how to do this job. I know how to get things done.”said the Democrat.


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