Juan José Zuniga and 2 other soldiers will be imprisoned for 6 months while they await the outcome of the investigations

The Bolivian Justice Department ordered 6 months of preventive detention for Bolivian general Juan José on Friday (June 28, 2024). Zuñiga Two other soldiers were also detained for the failed coup attempt against the government on Wednesday (June 26).

According to information from Reutersthe soldiers are accused of terrorism (15 to 20 years in prison) and armed revolt, with a sentence of 5 to 15 years. The three will be held in a maximum security prison in El Alto, a city near La Paz, while they await the outcome of the investigations.

So far, 21 people have been arrested, including active duty soldiers, reservists and civilians. It is estimated that around 200 soldiers participated in the action.


At 3:57 pm (Brasília time) on Wednesday (June 26), the president of Bolivia, Luis Arce, announced the coup attempt after armored vehicles and military personnel parked on the corners of Plaza Murillo, where the Quemado Palace, the seat of the Bolivian Presidency, and the Plurinational Legislative Assembly are located, in the city of La Paz.

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The movement was led by General Juan José Zúñigaformer commander of the Bolivian Army who was dismissed on Tuesday (June 25) after criticizing former Bolivian President Evo Morales. Speaking to reporters, Zúñiga these that the military were looking for “restore democracy” and called for the immediate release of political prisoners.

Images released on social media showed the moment a tank hit the entrance to the presidential palace in La Paz.

In another record, the Bolivian president appeared facing General Zúñiga outside the palace.

Arce changed the army command because of the coup attempt. Standing next to the president in the Quemado Palace, the new commander, José Wilson Sánchez, ordered the troops to retreat. “I ask, I order that all personnel who are mobilized must return to their units”he declared.

At around 7pm (Brasília time) this Wednesday (June 26), the military began to leave Praça Murillo.

In the same, Zúñiga said that the coup was ordered by Arce to “increase your popularity”. However, he did not present any evidence.

“On Sunday, I met with the president. He told me that the situation is ‘fucking’, that the week is critical and that something would be needed to increase his popularity. So I asked: ‘Do we remove the armored vehicles?’ and he said, ‘Take it off.’ On the same day, the armored vehicles began to be prepared.”said the general at the time.

The military man had been dismissed from his post one day before the uprising, on Tuesday (June 26), after criticizing Evo Morales. During an interview, he said that the former president could no longer hold the position, declaring that he would not allow “the Constitution was trampled upon, that it disobeyed the people’s mandate”.

Source: https://www.poder360.com.br/internacional/bolivia-determina-6-meses-de-prisao-preventiva-a-lider-de-golpe/

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