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The current president of the United States, Joe Biden, and his predecessor, Donald Trump, practically sealed the officialization of their official candidacies in the presidential elections, scheduled for November 5, 2024.

This Tuesday (5), 15 states and one territory went to the polls to define the Republican and Democratic party primaries, on the date known as Super Tuesday. Without major competitors, Biden won the Democratic primaries in all states, while Trump, on the other side, consolidated his lead in the Republican Party, winning in 14 of the 15 states that went to the polls.

Biden’s only defeat was in the territory of American Samoa, where Jason Palmer beat the current president. Members of the president’s campaign, however, told the CNN, that the result in Samoa is “nonsense”. Trump’s defeat took place in the state of Vermont, where competitor Nikki Haley won.

Haley’s victory is not enough to keep her alive in the primaries, and her withdrawal is expected at any moment. The businessman must be declared the party’s presumptive candidate by the end of March, when he must obtain the 1,215 delegates necessary for the nomination. The title, however, should only be made official at the Republican national convention, in July.

With the end of Super Tuesday, Joe Biden has 1,497 delegates, while former President Trump has 995 delegates. They need to reach 1,968 and 1,215 delegates, respectively, to be officially declared candidates for both parties.


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