Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov refuted US accusations about Russia’s use of nuclear weapons and called the decision a “last resort”.

Participating in an educational forum this Wednesday (6), Peskov said that all Western statements that Russia threatens global security are irresponsible. He also called the issue of nuclear war in Europe a dangerous “routinization.”

“All discussions about nuclear war, which exist a lot now in the West, in European capitals and in the United States, are extremely irresponsible and extremely dangerous because this topic is being routinized. This is very dangerous,” he added.

:: Western countries raise alert about alleged Russian military threat ::

“Nuclear war is the last and ‘last resort’ [no caso de uma ameaça que ameace a existência da Federação Russa]”, highlighted Peskov. When talking about the possibility of Russia using nuclear weapons, he recalled that the Russian Federation has a military doctrine that establishes strict conditions under which the country can use nuclear weapons.

“If something threatens the existence of our country, then nuclear weapons. Moreover, it is absolutely impossible,” emphasized President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman.

Peskov’s comments come in the context of the United States asserting that Russia is supposedly ready to deploy nuclear weapons in space. The White House, however, did not present concrete evidence.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called such statements by the West a hoax. The head of Roscosmos (Russia’s federal space agency) even announced the deployment of nuclear weapons by the Russian Federation, together with China, on the Moon by 2035.

In February, a Bloomberg publication, citing anonymous high-ranking sources, reported that the US had informed its allies that Russia could deploy nuclear weapons or a simulated warhead in space as early as this year.

So, on February 14, the chairman of the US House Intelligence Committee, Mike Turner, announced a closed briefing in the US Congress dedicated to the topic of “a serious threat to national security”. Later, the US National Security Council’s strategic communications coordinator, John Kirby, clarified that this is due to Russia’s development of anti-satellite weapons.

Reacting to the American rumors, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said these allegations are a “White House maneuver” aimed at persuading Congress to vote in favor of the Ukraine aid bill. President Vladimir Putin has said that Russia is categorically against the deployment of nuclear weapons in space. According to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Moscow has not deployed and does not plan to deploy such weapons.

West increases provocations

The West has raised its tone regarding possible increased interference in the Ukraine conflict. Firstly, French President Emmanuel Macron stated last Tuesday (27) that, to achieve victory over Russia in the war, “the sending of Western ground forces” to Ukraine cannot be ruled out. The statement received rejection from other European Union and NATO leaders.

Responding to the French president’s provocation, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the plan considered by the West “would lead to the threat of a conflict with nuclear weapons and, therefore, the annihilation of civilization”, as it would represent a direct conflict between Russia and NATO.

At the same time, last weekend, an audio recording was published in the Russian media in which the general and several officers of the German Air Force allegedly discussed the parameters of using Taurus missiles, including for attacks on the Crimean Bridge.

The Russian Foreign Ministry responded by saying that this situation clearly demonstrates the West’s involvement in the conflict in Ukraine, going so far as to summon the German ambassador in Moscow to provide clarification.

Editing: Lucas Estanislau


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