After the president of Venezuela spoke, the communication vehicle had its signal taken off the air on the country’s televisions

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, accused the German news on Monday (March 4, 2024) German wave (DW) of being “Nazi”. After the speech, the Venezuelan Press Workers Union confirmed, this Tuesday (5th March), that the government took the channel off the air in the country.

On March 1, the DW stated what High-ranking Venezuelan politicians are part of the Cartel dos Sols – responsible for trafficking cocaine and gold. In addition to politicians, the vehicle blames the country’s Judiciary for being permissive towards the criminal group.

Since 2010, 14 international news channels left air in Venezuela. Communication vehicles from Mexico, Peru, Europe, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Germany were targets of the Maduro regime.

Second According to the German newspaper, Venezuela is the 2nd most corrupt in the world, behind Somalia – an African country dominated by factions.

The general director of German wavePeter Limbourg, he requested “urgently so that the government once again guarantees the distribution of the Spanish-language DW television channel as quickly as possible”.

In response, Venezuela’s Ministry of Communications these which, in addition to the German newspaper “cover up the genocide in Gaza”, a DWlies, defames and spreads hate.” against the country.


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