Measure will apply to aircraft that carry out commercial flights; each structure should cost US$35,000, estimates the country’s agency

US President Joe Biden signed a law that requires planes to have a 2nd door to protect the pilots’ cabin. The measure will apply to aircraft carrying out commercial flights.

A mechanism will keep the 2nd door closed when the cabin is open. The proposal has been debated since the attacks of September 11, 2001.

The installation of the protection system was one of the requests from ALPA (Airline Pilots Association, in free translation). The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration, in Portuguese), the sector’s regulatory body in the USA, estimates that each structure should cost US$35,000.

The US has at least 6,000 commercial planes operating in the country. Thus, the cost of adapting all aircraft would be US$207 million, according to the FAA.


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