The announcement came after the release of the first results of the European Union parliamentary elections, with the party of right-wing RN (National Reunion) ahead of the rest, with 32% of the votes.

Macron said the rise of nationalists is a danger for the continent. His party had 15% of the vote.


The populations of the 27 member countries of the European Union began going to the polls on Thursday (June 6). Along with this came the expectation for the result of the new composition of the European Parliament and its groups.

Currently, the 705 MEPs – as European Union deputies are called – from more than 200 national parties are allocated to 7 different groups in the European Parliament according to their respective political thoughts.

Renew Europe, led by French President Emmanuel Macron’s Renaissance party, is the 3rd largest party, with 102 parliamentarians, and remains a pro-European force. However, it was already predicted that the party linked to the French leader would lose seats due to the rise of deputies supported by Marine Le Pen.


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