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Kim Jong Un has been planning an industrial revolution in North Korea. The initiative envisages the construction of factories in rural regions under the so-called “20×10 Regional Development Policy”, which means the installation of new industries in the 20 counties over the next ten years.

The information brought by Rocio Paik, in Opera Mundi, are based on the Korean Central News Agency, KCNA. The announcement was made by the North Korean leader during the inauguration of a factory in Songchon, east of Pyongyang. However, measures for the country to have new and modern regional industries had already been revealed in January, during the Supreme People’s Assembly.

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According to reports, Kim Jong Um was emotional and expressed dismay to the people at the delay in the projects. According to the North Korean newspaper Rodong Sinmun, he even said he was ashamed and regretful for neglecting economic development outside the capital.

In his speech he also announced dozens of factories for this year and said that “The success in implementing the 20×10 Policy has already been determined. Above all, Party members [dos Trabalhadores] and the people are actively supporting and approving the government’s new policies.”

The new industrial policy aims to boost the national economy as a way of improving the material and cultural life of the population, said Kim, who had already started projects to modernize the country’s agriculture.

In terms of food and inputs for industry, the country is very dependent on the local economy, as it suffers from international sanctions headed by the UN Security Council. In this way, the industrial revolution intended by the North Korean government intends to create new internal dynamics to overcome the imposed deficiencies.

*Opera Mundi information and Rodong Sinmun


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