Proposal is subject to approval of the “Bus Law”; libertarian scheduled talks for March 25, in Córdoba

The president of Argentina, Javier Milei, invited this Friday (1st March 2024) the leaders of the 23 provinces and the capital, Buenos Aires, to discuss the country’s new fiscal and founding pact. The libertarian scheduled talks for May 25, in Córdoba, and said that they are subject to the approval of his “super” economic package “Bus Law”.

Proposal called “Bases Law and Starting Points for the Freedom of Argentines” (Law of Bases and Starting Points for the Freedom of Argentines – in Portuguese), returned to the initial phase of processing after the government disapproved of changes made, such as the withdrawal of privatization of state-owned companies in the country.

Argentina’s new founding pact proposal has 10 points and could change the obligations and structures of federal, provincial and municipal governments. The idea proposed by Milei was given during a speech session held at 9pm (local time) in order, according to him, to reach as many citizens as possible.

Read each proposal for a new founding and fiscal pact:

  1. inviolability of private property;
  2. non-negotiable tax balance;
  3. reduction of public spending to historic levels, around 25% of Gross Domestic Product;
  4. tax reform that reduces tax pressure, simplifies the lives of Argentines and promotes trade;
  5. re-discussion of the sharing of federal taxes to put an end to the current extortionate model forever;
  6. commitment of the provinces to promote the exploitation of the country’s natural resources;
  7. modern labor reform that promotes formal work;
  8. pension reform that provides sustainability to the system, respects those who contributed and allows those who prefer to join a private pension system;
  9. structural political reform that modifies the current system and realigns the interests of representatives and those represented;
  10. opening up to international trade, so that Argentina can once again be a protagonist in the global market.

After finishing the speech in which he announced the new idea, Milei told the Argentine newspaper The nation who chose the province of Córdoba as the venue for the meetings because his dog, Conan, was from there.


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