President stated that 12.3 million children died during conflict in Gaza; total deaths reached 30,035 in February

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz said this Friday (April 5, 2024) that President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) should have learned to count before becoming president. On Wednesday (April 3), the PT member was wrong to say that 12.3 million children were killed by bombings in the Gaza Strip. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, controlled by Hamas, 12,400 children have died in the conflict between Israel and Hamas by February 2024.

“There should be a law that requires every person who wants to become president to learn how to count”declared the minister in his profile not X (ex-Twitter). He also mentioned the president’s profile and shared a report about Lula’s mistake.

Israel Katz became the most critical Israeli representative of the Lula government after the president’s speeches in which he compared the mass death of Palestinians to the genocide of Jews promoted by Adolf Hitler in World War II, on February 18.


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