On the day that the conflict between Israel and Hamas completes six months, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a cabinet meeting in which he stated that “there will be no ceasefire without the release of the hostages” and that the country “is prepared to an agreement, but is not prepared to surrender.” Netanyahu also said that Israel is “one step away from victory.”

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The speeches come one day after tens of thousands of Israelis took to the streets calling for Netanyahu to resign. The biggest event took place in Tel Aviv – according to organizers, 100,000 people participated in the demonstration, chanting the slogans “elections now”. Another massive demonstration had already taken place the previous Saturday (30).

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Relatives of hostages participated in the events. According to the Israeli government, 129 kidnapped people are still in Gaza, including 34 hostages who have probably already died. On Saturday (6), the Israel Defense Forces recovered the body of farmer Elad Katzir in the city of Khan Younis. This is the 12th hostage body that the Israeli army has managed to recover since October 7th.

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The English newspaper The Guardian reported this Sunday (7) that a member of the Israeli government stated that the country will participate in a new round of negotiations in Cairo.

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UN resolution is not complied with

On March 25, the UN Security Council approved an immediate ceasefire during the period of Ramadan – the Muslim holy month should end between April 9 and 10. All member countries voted in favor of the resolution, with the exception of the United States, which abstained. This marked an important change of position for the country, which is Israel’s main ally – until then, the US had vetoed all resolutions to stop aggression in Gaza.

Despite the Council’s decision, Israel continued its attacks on Gaza. Last Monday (1st), Israeli bombings killed seven members of the NGO World Central Kitchen, which distributes food in the Gaza Strip. The attacks were harshly criticized, including by US President Joe Biden. The NGO’s members were in cars with the organization’s logo on the roof, which led its founder, Spanish chef José Andrés, to claim that it was an intentional attack. Netanyahu rejected the accusation, and stated that this type of situation “happens in a war”.

This Sunday, the number of Palestinians killed in the Gaza Strip since October 7th reached 33,175, according to the local Ministry of Health. Added to the 1,170 deaths on the Israeli side, there are 34,345 deaths in six months.

Also this Sunday, Israel launched new attacks in eastern Lebanon, targeting Hezbollah infrastructure sites. Since the beginning of the conflict, there have been exchanges of fire on the border between the two countries, which caused the displacement of 90,000 Lebanese and 96,000 Israelis who lived in border areas.

Editing: Raquel Setz

Source: www.brasildefato.com.br

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