Israeli offensive sought to target Hezbollah’s military infrastructure in the border region between the two countries

An Israeli bombing in southern Lebanon killed 4 civilians on Sunday (May 5, 2024) and injured at least two other people. The offensive sought to target the extremist group’s military infrastructure Hezbollah in the border region between the 2 countries. The information is from the international news agency AP News.

In response, Hezbollah launched attacks against soldiers from the IDF (Israel Defense Forces, in Portuguese). According to the military, around 40 missiles flew over Israeli territory. No people were hit.

According to the Al Jazeera (state broadcaster of the Qatari monarchy)Hezbollah stated that an offensive was carried out “in response to the horrific crime committed by the Israeli enemy in the city of Mays al-Jabal and the deaths and casualties of civilians”.

Watch a video of Israel’s bombing of Lebanon:

The Lebanese group is a member of the Axis of Resistance, an informal alliance between groups and countries opposed to Israel, such as Hamas (from Palestine) and Iran. The Iranian government supports Hezbollah and provides Islamic Revolutionary Guard training to extremists.


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