Study shows that 17.7 million Americans use cannabis daily, while 14.7 million drink alcoholic beverages

The number of frequent marijuana users in the United States has surpassed that of frequent alcohol drinkers, according to a study published by the journal Addiction this Wednesday (May 22, 2024).

The research, based on data of the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, also showed that the rate per capita Reports of daily or near-daily marijuana use increased 15-fold from 1992 to 2022.

The study indicates that, in 2022, 17.7 million of Americans said they use cannabis daily or almost daily, while 14.7 million of citizens reported consuming alcohol frequently.

According to cannabis policy researcher at Carnegie Mellon University Jonathan Caulkins, approximately 40% of marijuana consumers use the substance daily or almost daily.

The study also warns of the risks associated with frequent consumption of the plant, including the greater likelihood of dependence and the development of psychosis associated with cannabis.


The legalization of marijuana (for medicinal and/or recreational purposes) in 24 of the 50 US states contrasts with its illegality at the federal level.

In March, President Joe Biden said no one should be arrested for using marijuana. In 2022 and 2023, the Democrat granted pardons to all Americans convicted of possession or use of marijuana under the country’s federal law. The measure does not apply to individuals involved in accusations of distribution and sale of the substance.


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