Board of directors says the 13 students are undocumented and will review the decision if anything changes

The Harvard Corporation, the highest administrative body at Harvard University in the USA, rejected on Wednesday (May 22, 2024) the faculty’s recommendation to allow 13 students to graduate with their classmates. The students participated in the pro-Palestine camp on the campus of the educational institution, which is part of the Ivy League (group of the best universities in the USA).

In a note (in full, in English – PDF – 184 kB), the organization declared that the 13 students “are not in good standing” and that would be “unfair” with other students who also do not meet the conditions to complete the course, but for reasons that are unrelated to pro-Palestinian acts.

According to the statement, the Board of Trustees of the Harvard College of Arts and Sciences, responsible for investigating and adjudicating disciplinary matters involving its students, stated that the students “violated University policies by their conduct during their participation in the recent camp”.

On Monday (May 20), the faculty of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences held a meeting and “changed the list” of graduates provided to Harvard Corporation by the college body that certifies that students have met the requirements for course completion and are in good standing. It is up to the Harvard Corporation to validate this list.

We respect the responsibility of each faculty to determine the appropriate discipline for their students”, said the Harvard Corporation, adding that, at the meeting on Monday (May 20), the faculty did not review the disciplinary measures applied to the 13 students.

The faculty of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, according to the text, does not “was involved in the individual assessment of each case” e, “most importantly, it did not intend to restore the regular status of students”.

The agency stated: “How students included as a result of Monday’s change [20.mai] are not in good standing, we cannot responsibly vote to grant them diplomas at this time.”. The Harvard Corporation justified the decision by citing the so-called Harvard College Student Handbook, a manual that includes the university’s academic requirements, the honor code and the standards of the academic community.

We note that the express provisions of the Harvard College Student Handbook state that students who are not in good standing are not eligible to obtain degrees”, disse a Harvard Corporation.

We understand that the inability to graduate has consequences for students and their families. We fully support the College of Arts and Sciences’ stated intent to provide expedited review of reconsideration requests at this time. [das medidas disciplinares]”, he added.

The Harvard Corporation stated that it will consider “immediately“the awarding of diplomas”if, upon completion of all College of Arts and Sciences processes, the student becomes eligible to receive” the document.

The demonstrations organized by students against the war in the Gaza Strip were promoted by Columbia University in New York. Protesters called for an end to the war in the Gaza Strip. They also demanded that universities separate themselves financially and academically from institutions and companies linked to the Israeli government.

From April 18 to May 3, at least 2,300 protesters were arrested at universities across the United States. Arrests were recorded in places such as Yale, Dartmouth College, Princeton and Columbia, also part of the Ivy League.

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