The vice president and minister of Colombia, Francia Márquez, denounced being the victim of an attack on Tuesday (10). The vice president’s security team allegedly found an artifact with 7kg of explosives on the street of her residence in Yolombó, province of Cauca, in the Colombian Pacific region.

Márquez said that this is a new attempt on his life. “We will not stop working, day after day, until we reach the total peace that Colombia dreams of and needs. We will not give up until it is possible to live in true harmony in each territory”, declared Francia Márquez.

On the 7th, 8th and 9th of January, the Vice President and Minister of Equality planned to visit her hometown and for this reason a prior inspection was carried out in the areas close to her residence, when the explosives were found. The artifact composed of ammonium nitrate and powdered aluminum was deactivated by the bomb squad of the Criminal Investigation Section (Sijin – acronym in Spanish).

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This is not the first time Francia has received death threats. During the electoral campaign, the paramilitary group Águias Negras released a statement stating that “anyone who intervenes in its purposes will be eradicated from the map” and listed the names of social activists, associations for the defense of human rights, as well as Francia Márquez.

Colombia has lived through almost 60 years of armed conflict over territorial disputes between paramilitary groups, drug traffickers, the army and guerrillas, which has claimed 260,000 victims, according to a survey by human rights organizations.

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