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On Friday night (5), Ecuador police invaded the Mexican embassy in Quito to arrest former Ecuadorian vice president Jorge Glas, who had taken refuge in the diplomatic headquarters since December to avoid an arrest warrant. The invasion, which violates the international law of sovereignty over the embassy, ​​took place moments after Mexico made Glas’ request for political asylum official.

The Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, without mentioning the name of the former vice president, condemned the invasion in a statement. Check the end of the text.

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The office of Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa, a right-wing billionaire, issued a statement with the understanding that the asylum was illegal: “Having abused the immunities and privileges granted to the diplomatic mission that hosted Jorge Glas, and granted diplomatic asylum contrary to the conventional legal framework, His capture was carried out”, says the excerpt from the statement.

Statement from the cabinet of President Daniel Noboa

After the illegal arrest, the President of Mexico, López Obrador, expressed his dissatisfaction and cut ties with the country, denouncing “a flagrant violation of international law and Mexico’s sovereignty”.

Former vice-president Glas, who was already imprisoned for five years, and former president Rafael Correa were convicted in 2020 on charges with no factual materiality, just allegations of influence and receiving amounts in exchange for contracts with companies. Both claim to be targets of political persecution known as lawfare. Correa is currently a refugee in Belgium.

Commenting on the case on social media, Correa said: “What the Noboa Government did is unprecedented in Latin American history. Not even in the worst dictatorships was a country’s embassy violated. We do not live in a State of law, but rather in a State of barbarism, with an improvised system that confuses the Homeland with one of its banana farms.”

Brazilian note

In a statement, the Brazilian government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the action of President Daniel Noboa. When reposting the note, President Lula’s profile on X posted “All my solidarity with the president and friend Lopez Obrador”.

Check out the Brazilian note:

The Brazilian government condemns, in the strongest terms, the action taken by Ecuadorian police forces at the Mexican Embassy in Quito last night, April 5th.

The action constitutes a clear violation of the American Convention on Diplomatic Asylum and the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations which, in article 22, provides that the locations of a diplomatic mission are inviolable and can be accessed by agents of the receiving State only with the consent of the Head of Mission.

The measure carried out by the Ecuadorian government constitutes a serious precedent, and must be subject to strong repudiation, whatever the justification for its implementation. ‎


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