Number of migrants removed from the US under the Democrat government totals 1.1 million; Trump administration deported 1.5 million

US President Joe Biden is expected to surpass the number of migrants deported by the end of his term compared to Donald Trump’s administration.

A report published by Reuters this Monday (8.Jul.2024) shows that in the first 2 years of the Democrat’s government (2021 and 2022) the amount was lower than that of the Republican. However, the 2023 number was higher than each of Trump’s 4 years (from 2017 to 2020).

For the survey, the news agency considered the US fiscal year, which runs from October 1 to September 30 of the following year. By February 2024, Biden had deported 1.1 million illegal immigrants. Deportations are expected to increase even further by the end of this year. During the Trump administration, there were 1.5 million in total.

Reproduction/Reuters – 8.Jul.2024

In the image, a graph from “Reuters” shows the number of migrant deportations carried out during the terms of Barack Obama (Democrat), Donald Trump (Republican) and Joe Biden (Democrat)

Deportations during the Republican administration were also lower than during the administration of former President Barack Obama. In his first term (2009 to 2012), the total was 2.9 million. In his second term (2013 to 2016), it was 1.9 million.

US migration policy is one of the central issues in this year’s elections and one of the main criticisms of the Democrat’s administration by Republicans.

Biden argues that the issue should be resolved through legislation, but the US leader had difficulty getting any proposals approved in Congress. He then established executive measures.

On June 4, Biden expanded restrictions at the border with Mexico, allowing officials to return migrants to their home countries within hours or days. On June 18, he announced measures to legalize approximately 500,000 immigrants.


The number of people detained at the US-Mexico border has also reached a record high under Biden’s administration, according to the survey. Reuters.

There were 1.7 million in 2021, 2.2 million in 2022, 2 million in 2023 and 1.3 million by May 2024. Under the Trump administration, there were 304 thousand (2017), 397 thousand (2018), 852 thousand (2019) and 401 thousand (2020).

Reproduction/Reuters – 8.Jul.2024

In the image, a graph from “Reuters” shows the number of migrant arrests carried out during the terms of Donald Trump (Republican) and Joe Biden (Democrat)

Until May 2023, the arrests were carried out under a law known as Title 42. It was enacted by Trump in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was overturned by Biden.


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