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Nine months ago, the conflict between Israel and Hamas began, which has already killed and maimed thousands of people — the vast majority of them Palestinians, many of them children — and destroyed the infrastructure of the Gaza Strip and the possibility of a minimally dignified life for that population.

During this period, the Zionist government of Benjamin Netanyahu has only escalated the level of brutality of its attacks, including the commission of war crimes, a stance that has made any negotiated solution between the parties difficult.

Israel’s stance has long been bothering one of its main allies, the United States. According to the newspaper Economic value, State Department memo says: “We are concerned that the Israelis are not seeing the big picture and are making a major strategic mistake by disregarding the damage to their reputation.”

Furthermore, the publication adds, “Assistant Secretary of State Bill Russo told Israeli officials in March that the country faces a ‘major credibility problem’ with the war and that this also affects the United States.”

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On Tuesday (9), UN experts warned, in a statement, that the serious famine scenario resulting from the attacks has already led to the death of 34 Palestinians, most of them children.

“We declare that Israel’s intentional and selective famine campaign against the Palestinian people is a form of genocidal violence and has caused famine throughout Gaza,” the document stresses.

According to local health authorities, more than 38,000 Palestinians have been killed in the Israeli military offensive since October 7, 2023 — as of May, at least 14,500 were children. On the Israeli side, there were 1,200 deaths.

Intransigence and barbarity

The barbaric scenario sponsored by Israel makes its objective of decimating the Palestinians and taking the lands that belong to these people increasingly clear, while isolating the country from the international community and undermining bridges in relations with other nations and international organizations.

The most recent attack took place in the early hours of Monday (8), when Israeli forces bombed Gaza and tanks advanced on the city.

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Locals have called the offensive one of the most ferocious since the attacks began, leaving an as yet undetermined number of dead, but according to Gaza’s Civil Emergency Service, it is in the dozens.

On Sunday (7), an Israeli airstrike also in Gaza killed Ehab al-Ghussein, a senior Hamas government official, according to Reuters.

Tightrope agreement

On that same day, the Israeli Prime Minister argued that the agreement being worked out, proposed by the United States, should allow his country to resume fighting in the Gaza Strip until its objectives were achieved.

The violence escalated even after Hamas signaled it would relax its terms. The group had previously demanded a permanent halt to the offensive and now accepts that it will be temporary.

In the face of Israel’s new attacks, Hamas accused the country of taking the ceasefire negotiations to the ground, blaming Netanyahu and his army for making dialogue impossible.

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“While the Hamas movement is demonstrating flexibility and positivity to facilitate reaching an agreement to stop Zionist aggression, Netanyahu is placing additional obstacles in the way of negotiations by escalating his aggression and crimes against our people,” the group said.

Speaking to Al Jazeera, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Francesca Albanese, described the situation as “carnage” and argued that Israel must be forced to comply with the ceasefire.

“People in Gaza are trapped in a hell beyond compare,” he said, adding: “There is no other way to stop this carnage in Gaza other than by imposing a ceasefire. Since Israel does not want to comply with it, it must be forced to do so. There is no other way.”

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