According to “Marca”, however, there is political resistance to holding the match at Real Madrid’s stadium.

The Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid has been chosen to host the grand final of the 2030 World Cup, the newspaper said. Brand on Friday (5.Jul.2024).

The decision to hold the final at the Santiago Bernabéu, despite having faced uncertainty due to controversies involving Spanish football figures, is now final, according to the newspaper.

In addition to the Bernabéu, Spain is planning to include up to 13 stadiums in its bid, with Valencia and Vigo on the list of cities awaiting joint approval from the three candidate countries. The effort demonstrates Spain’s ambition to maximize its participation in the event by offering a variety of venues that meet FIFA’s criteria.

The 2030 World Cup will mark the tournament’s 100th anniversary and will feature matches played in six countries: Uruguay (where the first World Cup was held in 1930 and which will host the opening match), Argentina, Paraguay, Spain, Portugal and Morocco. As they are hosting the World Cup, the teams from these countries are automatically qualified for the tournament.


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