Measure announced by Mayor Jaume Collboni aims to contain housing prices in the Spanish city

Barcelona City Council (Spain) announced on Friday (June 21, 2024) that it will ban the rental of apartments to tourists until 2028. The objective is to contain the increase in housing costs in the city – one of the most important holiday destinations in the Europe.

Mayor Jaume Collboni stated that all licenses for the 10,101 apartments approved for short-term rentals will be canceled by November 2028. “We are facing what we believe to be Barcelona’s biggest problem”said Collboni à Reuters.

According to the Idealisticthe largest property listing site in Spain, rental prices per m² rose 14% from April 2023 to April 2024. The city has the highest rent in the country.

“More housing supply is needed, and the measures we present today aim to provide more supply so that the working middle class does not have to leave the city because they cannot afford housing”, said the mayor.

The Barcelona Tourism Observatory counted 16 million tourists in the city in 2023. “This measure will not change the situation overnight. These problems take time. But with this measure we are marking a turning point”declared Collboni.

Similar problems have been faced by other tourist cities around the world, such as New York (United States), Vancouver (Canada) and Tokyo (Japan).


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