The act goes against measures to recover the economy and the anti-demonstration protocol launched by the new government

Left-wing movements in Argentina will hold a protest this Wednesday (Dec 20, 2023), starting at 4 pm, on the streets of downtown Buenos Aires. This will be the first mobilization against President Javier Milei’s government. The protesters are against the package of economic measures announced by the new administration on December 12 and the anti-demonstration protocol created by the Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich.

According to the newspaper Clarion, organizers estimate the presence of 30,000 to 40,000 people at the event. The group will march from the Argentine Congress to Plaza de Mayo.

On Thursday (Dec 14), Bullrich announced that “severe penalties” to those involved in “obstruction of free movement”. The protocol covers those who transport, organize and finance the protests. The Argentine court refused on Tuesday (Dec 19) requests for habeas corpus preventive measures, giving the green light for the protocol to be put into practice this Wednesday (Dec 20).

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The leader of the Polo Obrero party, Eduardo Belliboni, one of the organizers of the protest, called for a “peaceful mobilization”, so that neither protesters nor security agents are harmed. He said he is negotiating the event with the government of the city of Buenos Aires.

We want a peaceful mobilization, we don’t want clashes, we don’t want us or the security forces to get hurt”, said Belliboni in an interview with Miter Radio. “We want to talk to the government of Buenos Aires to be able to coordinate what is necessary to hold the event in Plaza de Mayo, […] not having to mourn the victims among protesters or police”, these.

In addition to protesting against the measures announced by Milei, protesters are marching in memory of the protests of December 19 and 20, 2001, against the economic crisis. At the time, 39 people died, according to the Argentine Human Rights Secretariat.


Among the actions of the so-called “chainsaw plan” of Milei are the devaluation of the peso, the suspension of public works and the reduction of energy and transport subsidies.

Read the 10 measures announced by Milei to recover Argentina’s economy:

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