Vice minister said the aim was to make South Korea “experience how unpleasant” cleaning is

North Korea announced this Sunday (June 2, 2024) that it will temporarily stop sending balloons with garbage to the border with South Korea. The announcement was made through a statement of the deputy minister of National Defense of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Kim Kang Il.

Since Tuesday (28 May) North Korea has sent balloons with waste paper, toys and even human feces, to South Korea. According to the South Korean government, the North’s action was a response to leaflets sent by activists, also in balloons, to North Korean territory.

We spread 15 tons of used paper, the favorite toy of human scum, in the border areas of the Republic of Korea and in the region of its capital, with more than 3,500 balloons of various types,” Kim said in the statement.

The balloons sent by the south contained pamphlets criticizing the northern regime and memory cards with K-pop music videos, banned in North Korea.

Seoul assessed Pyongyang’s actions as “low level” and South Korea’s Ministry of Unification said the government would take action if North Korea did not stop such provocations “irrational”.

In the statement, the North Korean leader said the action made the South Korean people “had experience of how unsightly they look and how much effort it takes to remove the scattered papers”.

Kim also warned saying that “If South Korea resumes spreading anti-North Korea leaflets, we will respond by spreading a hundred times more waste and trash”.

In addition to garbage balloons, North Korea also launched around 10 short-range ballistic missiles in the Sea of ​​Japan, on Thursday (May 30).


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