Demonstrations against the Israeli government continue to grow. After confirming that four more hostages with Hamas are dead, protesters gathered in front of the headquarters of the Israel Defense Forces, in Tel Aviv, on Monday (3), to pressure the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the end of hostilities.

The request for an end to the war aims to reach an agreement for the release of the hostages still with Hamas. Protesters were even detained by the police.

Families calling for an end to the war accuse Netanyahu of having blood on his hands, as he abandoned his citizens.

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The deaths occurred during Israeli operations in Khan Yunis, so they could have been due to Israeli attacks. The circumstances are still being investigated. The Israeli government believes that around 85 hostages remain with Hamas.

Last weekend, Hamas accepted the proposal for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip presented by United States President Joe Biden, which put even more pressure on Netanyahu to withdraw troops from Gaza.

However, the proposal was received with reservations by the prime minister, who said it was incomplete. The refusal to end the conflict comes amid threats from the far-right coalition to leave the government if Netanyahu accepts the ceasefire.

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