The US president reportedly consulted a doctor days after the debate against Republican Donald Trump

US President Joe Biden underwent a medical consultation days after the debate against Donald Trump, held on June 27. The White House had denied the information to journalists on Wednesday (3.Jul.2024), but backtracked on Thursday (4.Jul).

According to information from White House spokesman Andrew Bates, the Democrat underwent a consultation after contracting a cold. The confirmation, in an interview with CNNcame after press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre denied that the president had recently undergone medical examinations.

After the official announcement, the White House said Jean-Pierre did not confirm the information because he understood that a consultation is different from a formal examination.

The current president’s performance was one of the highlights of the debate between the presidential candidates. Biden stuttered, seemed lost and had difficulty finishing sentences.

The Democrat’s team even attributed the poor performance to the time zone, given that Biden had been attending meetings outside the country. During his speech to reporters on Wednesday (July 3), Jean-Pierre mentioned that the cold also interfered.


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