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A poll by the US news network CBS showed that 72% of Americans think President Joe Biden should not run for re-election. The percentage is nine points higher than the one measured in February and reflects the president’s performance in the most recent debate between him and former President Donald Trump.

For 86% of those interviewed, the reason is Biden’s age, who is 81; while 71% cited decisions that the president may make. Among those who say they are Democrats, aligned with Biden’s party, the percentage is 46%, ten percentage points higher than the survey conducted at the beginning of the year.

Furthermore, 72% believe that the current president does not have the mental and cognitive health to continue in office, compared to 50% who also think the same about Trump.

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Another survey, conducted by CNN, indicates that 3/4 of voters believe that the Democratic Party would have a better chance of staying in power with another candidate. And, in the race between Biden and Trump, the Republican would have 49%, compared to 43% for Biden.

The figures are higher than those of a survey carried out by AtlasIntel, also after the debate, when preferences were divided between 45.5% for the former president and 40.3% for the current one.

Biden’s difficulties are not new. The president’s approval rating has also been low, according to recent polls, but his performance in the debate on the 27th left Democrats in a panic.

There were several moments when the president appeared hesitant and confused, faced with the typical angry verbiage of the extreme right used by Trump, which impacted the country and brought to the surface debates about whether or not to keep his name for the dispute, which takes place in November.

Shortly after the debate, a CNN poll showed that 67% of viewers thought Trump performed better, compared to 33% for Biden. Earlier, the same voters said — 55% to 45% — that they expected the Republican to perform better than the Democrat.

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