President praises Frenchman’s speeches against the right; World War II, however, ended 53 years before the striker was born

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) said this Thursday (4.Jul.2024) that French player Kylian Mbappé felt Nazism on his skin. The comment was made during a speech in Campinas (SP), in which the PT member praised the athlete for his stance against the right in France.

“But he made a statement urging the French people not to allow the fascists, the Nazis, the far right to govern France again because he knows what Nazism is because he experienced the Nazi occupation of France firsthand.”these.

Lula was wrong, however, because World War II ended in 1945, about half a century before Mbappé was born, in 1998. The president was using the player as an example of good education and how important it is to invest in education.

“A football player who could be like so many others, no, but he had training. He learned that at school, or he learned that from his father, or from his mother.”he declared.

Mbappé called on French voters to vote in the country’s elections to halt the advance of the right wing. They will go to the polls on Sunday (7 July) for the second round of the legislative elections. In the first round, the right-wing party RN (Rally National), led by Marine Le Pen, emerged victorious.

Even former player Raí spoke on Wednesday (3.Jul.2024) at a demonstration against the rise of the right in Paris, France.


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