In a video released by the “Daily Beast”, the Republican indicates that Vice President Kamala Harris would be his new opponent

Former US President Donald Trump (Republican) called current President Joe Biden a “a pile of broken junk” and claimed that the Democrat had dropped out of the presidential election. The video was obtained by the newspaper Daily Beast and released this Thursday (4.Jul.2024).

In the recording, Trump appears in a golf cart with his son Barron. The Republican suggests that Biden has given up on launching his re-election bid and that Vice President Kamala Harris would be his new opponent.

“He [Biden] just gave up, you know – he’s dropping out of the race.”these. “I took him out of… and that means we have Kamala”these.

According to Trump, Kamala should be a better candidate than the current president, who is 81 years old. “She’s so bad. She’s so patheticthese.

Watch (40s):


The White House and Democrats say Biden will remain in the race, even with polls indicating an advantage for Trump after the negative repercussions of the first presidential debate.

Biden’s campaign has refuted the withdrawal claims, with White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre noting on Wednesday (July 3, 2024) that Biden is “in the running to win”.


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