The Russian president wants the neighboring country to give up on joining NATO; Zelensky compared the conditions to Adolf Hitler’s ultimatums

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin (independent) said on Friday (June 14, 2024) that among the conditions for ordering a ceasefire with Ukraine would be non-alignment with the West and the official withdrawal from joining NATO ( North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

The Russian also wants the Ukrainians to withdraw troops from cities that the Kremlin understands to be their territory. Are they:

  • Donetsk
  • Luhansk,
  • Kherson e
  • Zaporizhzhia

“As soon as Kiev declares that they are ready for such a decision, and begins the withdrawal of troops from these regions, as well as officially notifying the abandonment of plans to join NATO, on our part, immediately, literally at the same moment, there will be an order to ceasefire and begin negotiations.”says Putin.

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The Ukrainian government – ​​led by President Volodymyr Zelensky – rejected the conditions and classified them as “absurd”.

Zelensky, who participated in the G7 meeting this week, told the Italian channel on Friday SkyTG24that Putin “will not stop” and that his demands are comparable to the war ultimatums given by Adolf Hitler during the Second World War.

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