Every sexagenarian should be treated with respect and admiration; read the chronicle of Voltaire de Souza

Pop. Pop. Pop.

Rio de Janeiro is preparing.

Singer Madonna will step onto the sands of Copacabana.

The expectation is that she can surpass the pope in number of fans.

The American Norton loved Brazil.


Beaches. Girls. Caipirinhas.

And very much sáámbey no péy.

Despite enjoying drumming, Norton did not disdain the rhythms of his own country.

A Madónney show in Cóhp-a-cabayn… éy ul péyraííze.

He went down the elevator at the Cabana Copa Hotel dressed in character.

Beyrmood… e chinélyu halvayán.

On the beach, a crowd was already waiting for him.


The atmosphere was indeed lively.

Gêyntchi taun simpátk.

Brazilian flags seemed to welcome the pop star.

Norton looked around.


He held the beauty of Brazilian women in high regard.

Are there any kitties?

An elderly majority seemed to impose themselves on the event’s audience.

Myth. Myth. Brazil.

Norton nodded.

Madónn é ummiyt in toldju lugáhr.

Time was passing.

Maish, where’s the show?

That’s when the crowd went delirious.

It was former president Bolsonaro.

Along with other heavyweight governors.

Norton tried to find out.

Dishcúulp… maish quiy evéyntu éy êysse?

Sexagenarian Terezoca smiled at the well-mannered tourist.

—North-americano? Verdade? We love you… we love Trump.

Norton thought it best to go back to the hotel.

Dayxew cóhnferir milyor ul calendáhryo.

He had noticed that there weren’t that many people.

Four tahnt géntchi bunît.

He made one last sexist comment.

Sóhl baráng.

It’s not just Madonna.

Every sexagenarian should be treated with respect and admiration.

But it’s as they say.

Taste is not discussed.

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