In the world, bad news is renewed; the human heart, not always; read the chronicle of Voltaire de Souza

War. Bombs. Undoing.

On TV, the announcers warn.

The next images may be shocking.”

“The following content contains strong sceness”.

Mr. Cristiano was looking for the remote control.

-Damn. Did they put it on the sofa?

He rose from his old leatherette recliner.

-Ready. It started.

Cry. Rifles. Painted walls.

Palestine? Ukraine? Grajaú?

–I don’t even want to know.

The septuagenarian tried to take care of his own health.

What’s the point of the gym? If this is the case afterwards?

The remote control was on top of the sideboard.

-Dust. Was it you who left it here, Vaninha?

In the suite, the spouse turned off the vacuum cleaner.

-Talked to me?

–The remote control, man.

–I left it there to change the battery.

–And now, the moving account of the kidnapped elderly woman…

–Bitch. And where did you keep the batteries?

–They left me without eating for 4 days…

–Did you take the isordil, Cristiano?

The medicine for coronary arteries had a specific schedule.

–They only released me from captivity because I have a heart problem.

Cristiano’s eyes fixed on the screen.

–It’s very rude.

Vaninha appeared with the batteries, the remote control, the glass of water and the pill.

Cristiano calmed down.

-Wants to know? Enough news.

The videotape of the game could have been more interesting.

Vaninha thought it best to ask.

–Are you aware of the result of the game?

–It doesn’t count, Vaninha. Then it loses its appeal.

–But, Cristiano… you being from São Paulo…

The retiree gave up when his team scored the 4th goal.

The persistent pain in his arm led him to undergo catheterization.

The agreement letter arrived without psychological preparation.

–Partners with outstanding installments lose full coverage.

The forgotten bill was found on the day of the wake.

–It was in the battery bag for recycling.

Bad news is renewed.

The human heart, not always.


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