The attacks carried out by the government of Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, against the West Bank are an attempt to hide the reality of the country and to gather support. The evaluation is by the professor of International Relations at the University of Sorocaba (Uniso) Karina Calandrin.

In an interview with Brazil in fact, Calandrin recalls that launching military attacks has always been Netanyahu’s strategy throughout his various governments. The prime minister “carried out an operation to increase his political support in different groups of society, even among detractors, but who, faced with a situation of danger, of terrorist attacks, end up supporting the government in this tougher stance on security.”

Before returning to power with a coalition that includes far-right groups in 2022, Netanyahu ruled Israel from 2009 to 2021, and before that from 1996 to 1999.

His most recent political crisis involved an attempt to strip the country’s Supreme Court of its powers. In the face of massive protests, the government withdrew its attempt at judicial reform.

This Tuesday (4), Israel is without its second consecutive day of military operation in Jenin. The authorities claim that the objective is to combat terrorism and the military operation has already counted 11 Palestinians dead and thousands displaced. One of the targets is the Jenin refugee camp.

In a statement, the United Nations Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Middle East (UNRWA) said the Israeli military had surrounded and attacked the refugee camp. As a result, “severe damage” to the site’s infrastructure was caused, damaging the water and electricity systems.

In addition to the violence in Jenin, Hamas claimed a terrorist attack in Tel-Aviv, Israel. A car plowed into the crowd and injured people.

Karina Calandrin says that violence feeds back in the region. “There will be no end to the violence until a peace agreement is established between the parties. The Palestinians need to unite in the form of a single representation to negotiate with Israel and Israel needs to give in and propose reparations and compensation to the Palestinians.”

The researcher points out that these compensations can even be territorial. “Violence is a symptom of a conflict that is intractable, which has lasted almost 100 years if we count the period before the creation of Israel and which does not reach a conclusion due to lack of commitment between the parties”, she says.

Editing: Leandro Melito


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