Arsenal was saved for conflicts in the Middle East; Measure worries Israeli officials about relationship with Russia

The United States has sent part of the stockpile of weapons and ammunition stored in Israel to Ukraine, according to Pentagon officials. Axios. The information was also disclosed by the American newspaper The New York Timeswhich stated that 300 thousand ammunition was destined for Europe, and half was already sent to Ukraine through Poland.

The arsenal was kept to be used in eventual conflicts in the Middle East and is part of an agreement established with Israel.

The weapons were locked in warehouses on Israeli territory, where only US military personnel have access. However, in an agreement signed between the countries, it was defined that Israel would also have access to the arsenal, provided that it had prior authorization from the USA.

Sending part of this stock to Europe is one more of the United States’ attempts to weaken Russia in the war that has been going on since February 2022 in Ukraine. Since the conflict began, President Joe Biden has announced millions in military aid to the country.

However, sending these weapons to Ukraine could cause discomfort with Israeli authorities. The country decided to maintain neutrality in the face of the conflict so as not to undermine relations with Russia.


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