In New York, 8 press outlets sued over the use of their materials by AI chatbots, such as ChatGPT; New York Times was 1st, in 2023

Eight newspapers in the United States filed a copyright infringement complaint against OpenAI and Microsoft this Tuesday (April 30, 2024). The vehicles that move the action are managed by Alden Global Capital, an investment fund company.

According to the news agency Axios, newspapers have no interest in negotiating an agreement with the companies. The main objective of the action is to prohibit AI (artificial intelligence) resources, such as ChatGPT, from replicating or citing the content of vehicles.

OpenAI, owner of ChatGPT, is also being accused of damaging the reputation of Alden Global Capital’s newspapers. The chatbot was accused of forging a study on the benefits of cigarettes for asthma and attributing it to the newspaper Denver Post.

Reporter Ethan Baron published an article on Denver Post accusing OpenAI and Microsoft of plagiarism. “Although newspaper publishers have spent billions of dollars to send ‘real people to real places to report on real events in the real world,’ the two technology companies are ‘stealing’ the newspapers’ reporting.”he states.

The newspapers involved in the process are:

  • New York Daily News;
  • Chicago Tribune;
  • Orlando Sentinel;
  • South Florida Sun Sentinel;
  • San Jose Mercury News;
  • Denver Post;
  • Orange County Register;
  • St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Last year, the newspaper New York Times opened a lawsuit against the 2 companies. The outlet claims that its reports were used to train chatbots.

After receiving lawsuits for plagiarism, OpenAI consolidated partnerships with newspapers around the world, such as the French The world It’s the English Financial Times.

OpenAI will use Financial Times articles

O Financial Times announced a partnership with OpenAI on Monday (April 29). The companies reached an agreement for articles from the vehicle to be used to train ChatGPT.

In a joint statement with OpenAI, the FT stated that the texts published by the vehicle will be cited, summarized or disseminated to answer questions asked to the chatbot. With the collaboration, the newspaper’s team will have unlimited access to the company’s AI services.


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