The action is part of an investigation by the US House Judiciary Committee into online censorship; the social network left Brazil in 2023

The United States House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Republican Jim Jordansummoned the Rumblea social media platform similar to YouTube, delivering decisions from the STF (Supreme Federal Court) related to the functioning of the social network in Brazil.

The action is part of an investigation by the North American Committee on Online Censorship. In a post on its profile on X (formerly Twitter), the Canadian company stated that it will deliver all requested documents.

Rumble stopped operating in Brazil in December 2023 after the Brazilian court ordered the removal of some users and content creators. At the time, the platform’s founder, Chris Pavlovski, said that the action went against the principles of the social network and stated that he would appeal the decision.

“Recently, Brazilian courts required us to remove certain creators from Rumble. As part of our mission to restore a free and open internet, we commit not to change the goals of our content policies. Users with unpopular opinions are free to access our platform on the same terms as our millions of other users. Accordingly, we have decided to disable access to Rumble for users in Brazil while we challenge the legality of the Brazilian court demands.”the company said in a statement released in December 2023.

Rumble attracted personalities from the Brazilian right as the TSE (Superior Electoral Court) began to make decisions determining the blocking of profiles on other social networks. At the time, influencers like Monarch, Rodrigo Constantino e Allan dos Santos started producing content on the platform.


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