Gilmar Mendes and Dias Toffoli (STF), Ricardo Villas Bôas Cueva and Mauro Campbell (STJ) and Paulo Gonet (PGR) were in England since the beginning of the week; now, they will spend another week in Spain because of the Labor Day holiday, which falls on a Wednesday

Ministers Dias Toffoli and Gilmar Mendes (of the Federal Supreme Court), Ricardo Villas Bôas Cueva and Mauro Campbell (of the Superior Court of Justice) and Paulo Gonet (Attorney General of the Republic) left for London at the beginning of the week. Now, they must continue to Europe and stay at least until next Friday (May 3) in Madrid, Spain, amending the Labor Day holiday, May 1st, which falls on a Wednesday. They decided to spend the entire week outside the country.

The reasons for the trip are seminars in which the judges and the attorney general speak in Portuguese to an audience that is almost always mostly Brazilian. There is sponsorship from private companies, not all of them well-known – at least one of them, Banco Master, has pending issues in the higher courts of Brasília.

In total, authorities must spend 10 days in Europe (at least). They participated in 2 events for judges, politicians and businesspeople. In the case of magistrates, they can act via videoconference in any trials in their courts.

The initial event was the “1st Brazilian Legal Forum of Ideas”, organized by Grupo Voto. Held in London, the forum began on Wednesday (April 24, 2024) and runs until Saturday (April 27) – 3 Supreme Court ministers were present: Alexandre de Moraes, Gilmar Mendes and Dias Toffoli.

The magistrates left for London on Tuesday (April 23) to participate in different panels on Thursday (April 25). They were absent from this week’s face-to-face sessions at the Court – they participated remotely. In addition to the Supreme Court magistrates, the Attorney General of the Republic, Paulo Gonet, and 5 ministers of the Superior Court of Justice, including Luis Felipe Salomão, recently elected vice-president of the Court, participated in the event in London. Read the full event schedule (3 MB – PDF) and the names of all speakers.

Some of the participants of the event in London will follow up with another seminar, held by Fibe (Brazil Europe Integration Forum) in Madrid on May 3. Ministers Gilmar Mendes – who is in a group presented as “scientific coordination” of the event – ​​and Dias Toffoli will be at the Transformations Forum. Paulo Gonet and STJ ministers Mauro Campbell and Ricardo Villas Bôas Cueva are among the speakers. Read the full schedule (903 kB – PDF).

To the Poder360, the Fibe organization informed that it will bear the costs of hosting the ministers and guest speakers. Other expenses are the responsibility of the magistrates. In the case of Dias Toffoli, Fibe did not pay any of the expenses.


Some of those attending the Madrid event are trying to get tickets to watch a European Champions League match. On Tuesday (April 30, 2024), the Bayern football teams will play in Munich (in Germany) against Real Madrid. The following day, the German team Borusia faces PSG (Paris Saint-Germain) at their stadium.

As they will have a free schedule until Thursday, they can wander around Madrid at their leisure or stop by Germany to watch a football game. A Brazilian businessman with connections in the sporting world was contacted to help obtain tickets, but at the time of writing this report he had not yet been successful.

This digital newspaper contacted the organization of the 1st Brasil de Ideias Juridical Forum to request information about the cost of the magistrates’ travel, but did not receive a response until the publication of this report. The space remains open for demonstrations.

O Poder360 asked the STF about the cost of travel. The Court’s office stated that the Supreme Court does not bear the costs of international travel, except when the minister is invited to represent the Court – which is not the case.

This digital newspaper also contacted the PGR (Attorney General’s Office) to question the costs of Paulo Gonet’s trip, but did not receive a response until the publication of this report. The space remains open for demonstrations.

In the case of the STJ, the response was that trips where ministers do not represent the Court are not covered.


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