The United Nations Security Council took a historic decision this Monday (25). With 14 votes in favor and only the United States abstaining, it decided to approve a temporary ceasefire in the war of extermination that the Israeli Zionist state has been waging against the Palestinian people for almost six months. A measure eagerly awaited by the Palestinian people and all of humanity, which has watched war crimes in horror. A similar resolution was not adopted previously due to three intransigent vetoes by the United States, sponsors and accomplices of Israel.

Despite the limited period of validity established by the resolution – while the holy month of Ramadan lasts – the resolution can have a strong impact on the development of events, mainly because decisions of the UN Security Council are mandatory and the State that does not comply with them is subject to serious sanctions, in accordance with the norms of International Law. This explains the intemperate reaction of the Israeli Prime Minister, the main executor of the genocide, demonstrating his despair. The head of the Israeli government protested the “clear retreat” of the United States’ position. He said Washington’s pivot weakens “Israel’s war efforts” and undermines the attempt to free “the more than 130 hostages still held by Hamas.” Following the Security Council vote, Netanyahu canceled a visit to the US by a high-level delegation that was supposed to debate with its US allies on plans to carry out a widespread military offensive against the city of Rafah, in southern Gaza.

The Palestinian people and the peace-loving forces in the world welcome the Security Council’s resolution with a feeling of victory and hope, even though it is not possible to predict what Israel’s next action will be nor what may happen after the end of the deadline. validity of the ceasefire, if it is in fact implemented.

The resolution is a step in the right direction and it is necessary to cling to this fact as an important moment in the fight for a permanent ceasefire. Immediately, to ensure the protection of the civilian population, guarantee humanitarian aid in the form of food, medicine and other goods necessary for the survival of the martyred population of Palestine. It is a step towards stopping aggression, stopping genocide, stopping the commission of crimes against humanity with impunity by the Israeli army. Likewise, it is a measure that must necessarily result in the interruption of all types of terrorist actions throughout the Palestinian territory, including the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, where militarized colonialists carry out crimes of all types and intensify the construction of illegitimate settlements.

The ceasefire established by the Security Council must also be seen as an important step in the accumulation of forces of all government and resistance organizations in Palestine to achieve independence, of the Palestinian national state with its capital in Jerusalem.

Finally, the UN must take all measures to ensure the full implementation of the resolution and punish the Zionist state if it, in addition to committing war crimes, becomes a violator, in which case it will be exposed to sanctions and will deserve to have relations severed. with all countries that defend peace and the correct solution of international conflicts.


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