Report points out at least 7 violations of the legal process for protesters arrested in acts of July 11th in the country

The UN (United Nations) issued on Monday (June 3, 2024) accusations against the Cuban government, led by Miguel Díaz-Canel, related to alleged human rights violations during the demonstrations on July 11, 2021 in country.

The protests, which represented a wave of discontent against the Havana administration, culminated in the arrest of approximately 1,500 individuals.

In a letter addressed to Havana, the UN said it had identified 7 violations of the legal process, including detentions without judicial supervision, lack of access to independent lawyers, subordination of inspectors and judges to political power and exclusive use of state experts and witnesses.

The document also mentions the criminalization of the exercise of fundamental rights, manipulation of crimes and the use of military courts to judge civilians.

These actions compromise the integrity of criminal proceedings against political detainees in Cuba, according to the UN. The NGO Prisoners Defenders, which has highlighted these violations, stated that the letter was a response to complaints made by the organization in July 2023, highlighting the legal impossibility of registering any independent association in Cuba in accordance with current legislation.

The president of Prisoners Defenders, Javier Larrondo, reiterated the NGO’s commitment to continue fighting against the procedural system that violates the rights of accused, convicted and political prisoners in Cuba.


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