The causes of the crash of the aircraft, which left an air force command base in Kayseri, are still unknown.

A military training plane crashed in a rural area in Turkey this Tuesday (June 4, 2024), killing 2 pilots. According to the Turkish Defense Ministry, the accident occurred shortly after the aircraft took off from a military base in Kayseri for a training flight.

The reason for the crash of the aircraft, which took off from the 12th Main Air Transport Command Base in Kayseri, is still unknown. Even with the mobilization of rescue teams, the pilots, identified as Ugur Yıldız and Gökhan Özen, did not survive the crash.

Anadolu, Turkey’s state news agency, reported that the Kayseri Public Prosecutor’s Office will launch an investigation to understand the circumstances of the case. Also according to the agency, the pilots would have changed the direction of the plane moments before the crash, preventing it from falling on farmers working in the field.

Minister of National Defense Yasar Güler expressed condolences. “May God have mercy on our heroic martyrs on behalf of me and the members of the Ministry of National Defense, and I offer my condolences and patience to the families”he declared.

Watch the moment of the rescue attempt (36s):


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