The social network X, Twitter’s new name, has communities focused on extreme content that glorifies violence and practices such as child sexual exploitation, neo-Nazism and terrorism. Despite the proliferation of this dangerous content, there are few actions to moderate it, reports the research “Extreme content on social networks: Twitter’s virtual subcommunities”.

The survey by researchers Beatriz Lemos, Letícia Oliveira and Tatiana Azevedo also indicates the existence of a subcommunity “focused on the glorification of murderers, school shooters and white supremacists”. Massacres in schools in Brazil and abroad are targets of praise in these places.

“In the months of March and April 2023, months in which the anniversaries of the Realengo, Suzano and Columbine attacks occur – the three most celebrated school massacres in the community – members of the TCC subcommunity promoted a series of threats, frustrated attempts and concrete cases of violence in the school environment. The escalation of threats and attacks that occurred between March 27th and April 20th, 2023 was unprecedented in Brazil”, says the research.

After the series against schools, mentioned in the text, the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Flávio Dino, threatened to ban social networks from Brazil that did not cooperate with the investigations.

Also according to the publication, it is necessary to hold responsible the platforms that did not make the “minimum necessary efforts to make illicit content unavailable and that contradict the protection of children and adolescents, established by the Child and Adolescent Statute (ECA).”

Editing: Rodrigo Gomes


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