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Billionaire Donald Trump leads voting intentions in five decisive states in the United States elections, according to a survey carried out by the New York Times.

The far-right leader leads in Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania, while his opponent in the November elections, current US President Joe Biden, appears ahead only in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin: Trump, 45%; Biden, 47%

Michigan: Trump, 49%; Biden, 42%

Arizona: Trump, 49%; Biden, 42%

Nevada: Trump, 50%; Biden, 38%

Georgia: Trump, 49%; Biden, 39%

Pennsylvania: Trump, 47%: Biden, 44%

The survey surveyed 4,097 registered voters in the six swing states between April 28 and May 9.

In the 2020 election, then-candidate Joe Biden won the six states in question in the Democrats’ victory over the far right in the United States. See the results of that election below:

Wisconsin: Trump, 48,8%; Biden, 49.4%

Michigan: Trump, 47,8%; Biden, 50,6%

Arizona: Trump, 49%; Biden, 49,4%

Nevada: Trump, 47,7%; Biden, 50,1%

Georgia: Trump, 49,2%; Biden, 49,5%

Pennsylvania: Trump, 48,8%: Biden, 50%

According to the newspaper, the survey reveals widespread dissatisfaction with the country’s situation, as well as serious doubts about Biden’s ability to provide major improvements to Americans.

“Polls suggest that Trump’s strength among young and non-white voters has, at least temporarily, flipped the electoral map, with Trump emerging with significant leads in Arizona, Georgia and Nevada, relatively diverse Southern states where black and Hispanic propelled Biden to important victories in the 2020 elections”, adds the newspaper.

Swing states, better known as swing states, are those that are not traditionally Democratic or Republican. It is usually the results of these places that determine victory in US elections.

Donald Trump’s growth in the polls coincides with voters’ negative perception of the economic and foreign policy of the current Biden administration.

This Wednesday (14), the country’s Department of Labor Statistics released the seasonally adjusted consumer price index (CPI) for April. The CPI for the period increased 0.3%. Despite the slowdown compared to March, which was 0.4%, the American population is dissatisfied with the cost of living in the country.

The Biden government’s stance in support of Israel’s military offensive on Gaza has also angered the young portion of the electorate. In the United States, voting is not mandatory and discontent with the current presidency may discourage young people from voting in November.


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