The group that organized the event says that the items that Israel sends to the enclave go directly into the hands of Hamas

Israeli protesters blocked, on Monday (May 13, 2024), aid trucks heading to the Gaza Strip, leaving food packages scattered on the road. According to Reutersthe act was carried out by the group Order 9, which argues that the aid that Israel sends to the enclave goes directly into the hands of Hamas.

The protest was held at the Tarqumiya checkpoint in the West Bank. According to the news agency, 4 people were arrested, including a minor.

In a statement cited by Reutersthe Order 9 group stated that while Israel “give gifts to Hamas“, as “the possibility of total control over the Gaza Strip through appropriation of aid distribution”, the extremist group will not be interested in finalizing an agreement that allows the return of more than 100 hostages.

Israel has faced strong international pressure to step up the flow of aid to the Gaza Strip. Among the countries and organizations calling for an increase in the entry of supplies into the enclave is the United States, an ally of the Israelis.

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