Photo: Andrea Hanks/Casa Branca

During his electoral campaign for the November elections, former President Donald Trump called immigrants who are illegally in the United States “animals” and “non-humans” in a speech in Michigan this Tuesday (2). The billionaire also called the current president and candidate for re-election, Joe Biden, corrupt.

“Under corrupt Joe Biden, every state is now a border state, every city is now a border town. Joe Biden brought the carnage, chaos and violence from around the world and dumped it directly into our backyards,” he stated.

“Democrats say ‘please don’t call them animals, they’re human.’ I say, ‘No, they’re not human, they’re not human, they’re animals,’” Trump said.

In recent weeks, he has reinforced the association of the flow with crime, taking advantage of two high-profile murders in which the accused were undocumented immigrants.

The victims were two young women: Laken Riley, killed in Georgia, and Ruby Garcia in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Trump’s rally took place this Tuesday. The Republican stated that “Joe Biden’s border bloodbath” will end when he assumes the Presidency.

“The worst of all countries are coming to our country. They are changing, threatening and destroying the country. We will end up having to carry out the largest deportation in American history. We have no choice,” she said.

Trump has adopted an increasingly aggressive speech against immigrants, whom he has already accused of “poisoning the blood of the nation”.


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